Autism awareness training in Bristol

Our clients and testimonials

Bristol Autism Training client list

Feedback from ‘Supporting autistic children in public spaces’ sessions:

“Really helpful advice and information. Great to talk to somebody with first hand experience and knowledge. It’s definitely made me feel more comfortable in dealing with situations.”

“Very interesting. Great help to hear first hand what a mother feels when her child is autistic and what help and support she needs. Excellent training.”

“Presented very well, very engaging. Videos very useful. Conversational aspect good, real life examples and direct correspondence with our experiences in workplace, good and directly relevant.”

Feedback from ‘Supporting autistic children in medical settings’ sessions:

“Interesting and eloquent presentation with great presenters. Useful tools and tips.”

“Brilliant to have personal experiences of attending the Emergency Department and what strategies helped! Thank you!”

Feedback from ‘Neurodiversity in the workplace’ sessions:

“Very insightful session. The information presented will help me and my team.”

“The exercise really made me think! Thank you for such well-presented information. Very helpful”